Team Building at Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo

Experience Team Building the Cowboy Way at Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo

Round up your crew, grab your cowboy hats and head out to Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo for a memorable and rewarding adventure of unique team-building activities complete with experienced onsite facilitators. Our fun and challenging list of team-building activities – combined with the beautiful natural surroundings of Westgate River Ranch – will help your employees strengthen their teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills in an interactive and engaging environment. Below are just a few of the team-building activities available at Westgate River Ranch. Best of all, we can tailor activities and create a comprehensive, individualized itinerary to meet your group’s specific needs.

Calf Dressing

In this hilarious and effective way to work on communication and problem-solving skills, teams are assigned to a chute at the Rodeo Arena where a calf is eagerly waiting to be dressed up … as a baby! The team that dresses the calf up quickest – complete with a baby bib, bottle and “diaper” – wins!

City Slickers Cattle Round-Up

The ultimate team-building experience, the City Slickers Cattle Round-Up allows teams to take turns and experience a cattle “drive” from one part of the Rodeo Arena to the other.

Cowpoke Chili Cook-Off

A fun and engaging team-building activity, the Cowpoke Chili Cook-Off combines creativity with culinary skill as teams are provided a wide variety of ingredients and the goal of creating the group’s best chili! During dinner, teams get the opportunity to sample all the savory chili recipes and determine the winning team based on creativity, presentation and taste. Be forewarned – all teams are not created equal, so negotiating and/or bartering may be in order to gather all of the desired ingredients!

Dusting the Trail

In this fun-filled activity designed to bolster communication skills, Frisbees (or cow patties for the adventurous!) are strategically placed in a closed course at the Rodeo Arena. One member of the team is blindfolded while the others guide him or her through the course in an attempt to avoid unfortunate surprises that are lurking under the dust.

Jail Break

Based on the classic game of “Capture the Flag,” Jail Break is an action-packed activity that involves two teams with the goal of locating and recovering the opposing team’s flag before they do the same. A “jail” (defined as a reference point such as a tree or post) houses players who have been tagged by the opposing team in their home territory. Players on the same team may free their teammates by running from their own territory into the enemy’s jail.

River Ranch Team Building Course

The newest and one of the most popular team-building activities, the River Ranch Team Building Course provides a great opportunity for team members to work together and determine the most effective ways to solve physically and mentally challenging problems. Learn more about the Team Building Course >

Running with the Bulls

The perfect team-building activity for working on teamwork and problem-solving skills, Running with the Bulls is an old-fashioned calf scramble consisting of two teams and two calves.

Saddle Up and Ride!

After observing a quick demonstration on how to assemble a horse saddle, teams of two will try to assemble it themselves during this enjoyable challenge that tests communication and problem-solving skills. One person is blindfolded, while the other talks him or her through the steps of assembling the saddle. Once assembled, the saddle is fastened to the horse and one of the team members must ride blindfolded through an obstacle course at the Rodeo Arena as they are guided by the other team member.

Scavenger Hunt

The natural terrain of Westgate River Ranch provides the ideal locale for a team-building scavenger hunt that helps instill a spirit of cooperation and trust among your employees. A 1,700-acre course awaits you! Steer RopingEvery “greenhorn” cowboy starts out roping a stationary “steer” and progressing from there. In the Steer Roping activity, every team member tries their hand at roping a plastic steer head placed on a bale of hay.

Tug of War

A simple team-building activity, the Tug of War brings out a competitor’s desire to succeed and work closely with teammates toward a common goal.

With a wide variety of activities and state-of-the-art facilities all surrounded by beautiful pristine wilderness,  Westgate River Ranch provides the ideal locale for your next team-building excursion. Our trained and experienced communication specialists can work with and engage large and small groups, and develop a fun and rewarding team-building event to suit your group’s needs. For more information about team-building activities, fill out a short Request for Proposal form or call (863) 692-1321.