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Enter Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino's $10,000 Gimme Some Credit, Will Ya? Giveaway now through December 31, 2015, get your casino credit line of $10,000+ approved and you automatically receive:

  • Complimentary Suite for Two Nights
  • $500 in Promotional Chips*

  • Simply fill out the credit application form below to enter. Valid for new and updated casino credit lines! If you do not want to enter the promotion, you can still fill out the credit application form below for credit approval.

    For approved credit lines of $10,000 or more, applicants will win a 2-night stay and $500 in promotional chips. *You will receive $250 in promotional chips after two hours of play and the remaining $250 in promotional chips after four hours of play with a minumum $100 bet. Valid for new and updated credit lines only. Valid for credit lines approved through December 21, 2015. Two night stay must be booked through casino reservations and must take place within six months of the approval of credit. You must be at least 21 years of age. Management reserves all rights. Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino encourages responsible gaming. For help and information, call toll free (800) 522-4700.

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    I hereby certify that the information provided above and in connection with the submitted credit application is true and complete. I authorize Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino and its representatives, managers, agents and assigns ("Company") to verify such information through any source, to obtain any credit related, gaming related or employment history information about me (“Information”), to report any information to another casino or a credit reporting agency and to exchange any Information with any of the affiliates or representatives of the Company and agree not to hold Company responsible for the information released and further not to hold Company liable for its use of the information or procurement thereof. No violation of the Credit Application/Agreement or any regulation by the Company shall constitute (a) a defense in any action by the Company or a person acting on behalf of the Company to enforce an instrument or the debt that the instrument represents or (b) a basis for a valid counterclaim to such an action or a claim in any action. Further, this Credit Application/Agreement is not an “other agreement” within the meaning of NRS 104.3117 that would modify, supplement or nullify any instrument. Warning: For the purposes of Nevada law, a credit instrument is identical to a personal check and may be deposited to a bank or other financial institution in which the credit instrument is drawn. Willfully drawing or passing a credit instrument with the intent to defraud, including knowing that there are insufficient funds in an account upon which it may be drawn is a crime in the State of Nevada, which may result in criminal prosecution in addition to civil proceedings to collect the outstanding debt.

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