Table Games

Thrill seekers test your luck and showcase your skills at one of the pulse-racing table games at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. As you step into our dazzling lobby and sit down at any of our many exciting table games, you'll meet the friendliest casino dealers and experience such exciting table games as:

Blackjack (21) – Our Las Vegas casino offers three varieties of this wildly popular card game to increase your gaming options: Single Deck 21, Double Deck 21 and Multiple Deck 21. Limits: $5 – $1,000, $25 – $2,000

A player who receives an Ace as their first card in Blackjack has the option to participate in the Wild Aces side bet. If they choose to bet Wild Aces they must place an additional wager on the Wild Aces betting spot. They may bet from $1 to $100. Other players may also bet on the participating player's Wild Aces bet with their consent. The combined total cannot exceed $100. This bet pays 2 to 1. Stop by the Pit for more details about Wild Aces!

Craps – Perhaps the most robust, exciting game of chance played in any casino, this quintessential dice game dates back to the height of the Roman Empire. The majority of the wagers come down to whether the "shooter" (the person rolling the dice) rolls a "natural winner" (7 or 11), "craps" (2, 3 or 12) or a "point" (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 rolled by the shooter, which he/she is trying to repeat before rolling a 7).

Baccarat – Among the most popular casino games in Asia, Europe and Latin America, this elite game, although often associated with sophistication, may be the simplest table game to play! Baccarat offers a Dragon Bonus bet where players can bet the player/bank. If the player or bank wins by a certain amount 4-9 it pays a bonus from 1-1 to 30-1. Limits: $100 – $2,000 with a $500 tie bet and a $100 Dragon Bonus bet.

Roulette – The oldest and most popular table game in Europe, Roulette has been enjoyed in international casinos since the 1800s. With the blend of a spinning wheel, fast-paced action and a fluid exchange of chips, Roulette remains a popular selection in casinos around the world. Limits: Up to $100 any way to a number; $1,000 on sections and columns; $2,000 on even money bets.

Bonus Spin Blackjack

How to Play:
1. Make a regular Blackjack Wager
2. Make the Optional Bonus Spin Side Bet.
3. Players who receive an Ace in their first two cards are paid even money
4. Players who are dealt a Blackjack will press a button that spins a virtual wheel allowing them to win an incremental progressive jackpot or various cash prizes.
5. All Bonus Spin side Bets lose if players do not have an Ace or Blackjack in their first two cards.

High Limit Room

The High Limit Room is open Fridays and Saturdays at Noon. If you wish to play on other days, please contact a Casino Shift Manager at (702) 580-5747 (Friday – Sunday after 12 PM).

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is "insurance" in the Blackjack game?
A. "Insurance" is an optional bet when the dealer's up card is an Ace. You may bet up to half of your original bet to "protect" your hand should the dealer have Blackjack.

Q. What is the horn bet in the game of Craps?
A. The horn bet is an all-inclusive bet covering the three craps numbers (2, 3 and 12) and 11 for the next roll. One fourth of the amount bet is on each number.

Q. Do I always split Aces when playing Blackjack?
A. Under all known playing strategies it is recommended that Aces and Eights always be split.

Q. Does it really matter if the player before me just took the hot card I needed when playing Blackjack?
A. In actuality, the only thing that has an impact on each individual hand is the playing strategy of that individual. How others play their hand only affects each of them, not the outcome of any other hands.

Q. What's the best way to learn how to play Craps?
A. All of our dealers are prepared to instruct novice players on each of our games. You can choose a quiet time of the day, go up to any table and they will be happy to instruct you.

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